Seafoam on a new car or is a no no?

I own a toyota =( matrix ( wanted a subaru ) and it have 13000 mile on it, and i was reading that seafoam clean up your engine and stuff, so i was wondering should i use it on a new car and put it as my regular maintenance. please and thank you

What reason(s) do you have to believe that your engine is dirty and needs to be cleaned? Oil now (and for sometime) has pretty good detergents in it, and at 13K miles the inside of your engine should be crystal clean.

well i was researching it and it say to keep your engine clean, i know it aim for high mileages vehicle but from some reading i did it say to keep your engine clean if keep on using it as a maintenance. I’m just looking for some expert response, because i know there a lot of expert on this site. please and thank you

you bought a Toyota product…just follow the recommended maintenance schedule…

It probably won’t do any harm other than to your bank account, but it won’t have any benefit either. You might want to ask your dealer if your use of Seafoam could have a negative impact on any future engine warranty claims.

Of course the people who make money off of Seafoam are going to say you should use it. If you send me $100, I promise that your engine will last 10,000 miles longer than it would have. Prove to me that it didn’t.

I’ve used SeaFoam products for over 40 years. And the only time to use any additive product is if the vehicle demonstrates a condition where it could benefit from the additive.

Keep the vehicle well maitained and it shouldn’t need any additive products. But if it should ever need one, SeaFoam is one of the best on the market.


Make mine another vote to maintain the car per the manufacturer recommendations, treak it with respect, and avoid additives unless something is malfunctioning and you know exactly what the addditive will do and why you’re using it.

Think of unprescribed additives as being like unprescribed medicine. I know what my nitro pills do, when and how to use them, and what the risks are. I have no choice but to take them occasionally. But I would definitely not recommend them for a healthy person.

If you’re talking fuel, sure …every once and a while. Oil, nope. No reason to put a solvent in your oil. Lots of people like to use Marvel Mystery Oil in their oil. There’s little need for it if you’re actually maintaining your engine in a reasonable manner. Oils are the best that they’ve ever been. Deposit control has advanced leaps and bounds just in the past decade.

The only product that I add to my oil is Auto-Rx. The complex esters in it keep metal clean, much like Redline oil’s polyolester basestock works for its users, but this is cheaper than using expensive oil all the time. You just add a few oz every oil change. I don’t do that myself, but do use it every 75k or so just to decoke the ring packs.

Thank you all for your educated answer.