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Woould u use Sea foam in the gas tank?

1987 Integra, 150k:

I just read about Seafoam.

Would u use (all of 16 Oz) in the gas tank?

Is it beneficial to use?

Are you having issues with your Integra? If not, then follow the “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule. If so, use only 1/3 of a can in a full tank of gas.

I have rough idle (at least at occasions) - its due for timing belt but I have postponed (my bad) due to whether I keep the car or not.

But some issues on this car seems to self-heal!

No but I might try it if there was a problem that is specifically addressed on the label. Just being “good for your car” is too vague. Now you can search the internet for validity of a product such as SeaFoam. You need to be skeptical of all of the auto related additives that are available. Most are harmless and only a very few will do some good. Google “mouse milk additive” for more. I agree with the first site that came up that equated mouse milk additives to snake oil.

I’ve used Seafoam for years. You want to add the entire can to a full gas tank. I’ve seen Seafoam resolve operating issues in engines.


You can postpone the timing belt replacement as long as you can afford to junk the car or replace the engine when the belt snaps.

Yep. Your engine will destroy itself if the belt breaks.

I used it once and my truck is still running.

A former trucker buddy of mine had his brake pads replaced, though uneeded because he thought it would make the rotors last longer. Wasted money in my book. Use sea foam as directed, 16 oz sounds a little high. Sure it may not be necessary, but I looking for a tool ran across the can I bought to do an annual treatment to our cars. Might be wasted money but I think those of us like my former trucker buddy like to try and add little treats to our cars to make them last longer, kind of like giving a kid a special treat hoping they will behave better. So I do not do the brake pad thing, I do do the sea foam thing, wasted money, probably but my car is still happy.

Seafoam isn’t going to make the timing belt last any longer.