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Black dvd rear screen

The rear screen on my Grand Caravan SXT is black though the player and front screen still works. Wanting to save money I believe it is the VES cable, but I can’t seem to find out how to get the monitor to pull down. Any help would be great, I already took out the two screws and to bolts, can’t get any further. This is what it looks like.

I think that, to successfully accomplish this, the most important tool you will need is the factory service manual ( for both the schematic diagrams and the detailed, step by step instructions for disassembly.)


I imagine there is a repair video out there somewhere, if we knew the year, I would check fuses first, no video due to no power,

Yes I’m going to go pick one up if I can’t get it figured out. Thank you, @old_mopar_guy

@Barkydog, I’ve pretty well scored YouTube it’s a 2014, I find some videos but none with a display case that I have, they are a different then mine. Therefore no help. Also, it was going out a little at a time it would work and then not and then come back on, everything i see says that it is the VES cable. But i’ll double check the fuses. Thank you.