What can remove the wiper blade streak on a windshield?

I have a streak on my windshield. I think the wiper blade made it, but I am not certain because it was there when I purchased the car (the car is used). What can remove this mark? I tried all the cleaners – nothing. I even tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Is this your new Jag convertible?

Your streak is likely a scratch. See if you can feel any groves as you rub your finger over it? If someone ran the wipers with a worn out blade you can get metal contacting the glass and that will scratch. A used car I purchased had a scratched windshield; I believe the previous driver used his wipers without using enough washer fluid. The grit moved by the wiping action scratched the windshield.

Small scratches and abrasions may be rubbed out with a very fine pumice material. Sometimes the answer is either a new windshield, or live with it.

Try dragging a fingernail across the scratch. If your fingernail snags on the scratch, the scratch is too deep into the glass, and the only way to fix it is to have the windshield replaced.


Jewelers rouge, a polishing compound, can sometimes be used to polish out minor scratches in glass. A high speed polishing tool is needed, plus some skill and patience…

No, it is a small mark on the windshield of my Corvette. Thanks for your advice. I’ll check to see if this is a scratch.

The windshield is as smooth as … well, glass. No rough spots/places at all – no groove.