Scratch on Explorer & Husband Wouldn't Own Up

“Good luck and hopefully this won’t happen again. Thanks for your call, bye. Well, it’s happened again, you’ve wasted another perfectly good hour…”

Anyone else notice the two sentences with “happen again” back to back at minute 51 of the 6/26/10 show? Or is my sense of humor as sick as Click and Clack’s?? Probably the latter!

The expedient solution is to tell him until he proves to you that he has made arrangements to get it fixed correctly that he doesn’t get anymore until he if you know what I mean.


The first “happen again” phrase refers to the caller’s problem. The second is a referral to the other brother.

I wasn’t an Engish major, but I cannot see the problem.

I’m not quite sure about what the OP is implying.

Does he/she perceive some kind of conspiracy afoot?
Can the OP please clarify exactly what his/her concern is?

I wasn’t implying any mistake or bad grammar and wasn’t concerned about anything. It just hit me odd, kinda like the “third half of the show”, when I heard the same phrase “happen(ed) again” within a few seconds. Obviously it’s just my sick sense of humor since nobody else even gets what I’m talking about, so to quote Gilda Radner, never mind. If someone doesn’t get that too, look it up in Google.