I am confused about the click-clack brothers

Tom is gone but I still hear two brothers talk so I am so confused.
BTW, I really love the show although I am not a car guy.

The shows are all repeats. Great show, great guys.

@ctransj–Your confusion probably results from not being aware that everything has been a repeat/rebroadcast for the past two years. More than likely, this was the result of Tom’s worsening condition, but–in any event–nothing that you hear at this point is new or even recent.

If they are repeats, why do they have recent dates?

Right now, the web page says:
This Week on Car Talk
Original Air Date: 01.24.2015

Note the phrase “Original Air Date” … according to my knowledge of english that means the date the show was first broadcast, which I assume means the date it was recorded.


Well, it’s not exactly the same show aired years ago. Did you notice the reference to Bill Bellichick deflating footballs at the very end?

They’re remixed.

Besides the topical comments inserted by Ray most every show, I think some of the caller material is new too. By “new” I mean never been aired. From what I understand anyway the weekly routine was they’d take and record more calls than they were able to edit into the time slot allotted for the NPR broadcast, but they kept the audio on file, and now some of these never before aired call-in segments are being inserted.