2001 Toyota 4 Runner engine siezed

The engine siezed on the aforementioned car after losing all of its oil. The repair cost quoted is $4500. Is this a fair price? Is it worth repairing?

The price may be a bit high, but not too far off. The link attached will give you a longblock cost, but you’ll need to add S&H as well as all the installation. The job is not small.


Whether it’s worth doing is entirely dependent upon how much you like the vehicle and its condition.

I’d suggest a boneyard motor, but with my Toyota pickups nothing was ever available in the boneyards. Everyone just kept driving their trucks. All the typical boneyard parts were still on the road.

What is the condition of the rest of the truck ?
This is the factor that determines if 4500 gets you a nicely useable 4runner .
If its future repair cost potential is poor, the 4500 would be better spent towards a different used truck.

That bottom line is the affordability.
Don’t have 30k for a new one ?
What’s a different used one cost ?
4500 for a good used 4runner may just fit the bill.