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Scooter 50cc

I found a scooter online, at superior power sports dot com. It will be delivered semi assembled. The ad says I will need to attach mirror and battery.
and tighten / check bolts.
I prefer to have it shipped to a mechanic and looked at and assembled there.
What would be a fair price?

Not enough information. I assume this is a Chinese scooter so you should first find a good mechanic where you live and who is willing to work on them… If you did not order it yet , look around locally people selling scooters all the time. You can even try to go to a dealer and you can find one from a previous model tear with a deep discount. In my experience just attaching the mirrors and the battery never true. I have seen missing, cracked parts etc. I would suggest keep looking and do not buy the first one that seem to have a good price…

If you can find a mechanic to do the work, I would expect a 2 to 3 hr labor charge.
This is what you would have to do:
Receive the crate from the back of a truck.
Uncrate and dispose of the packing material.
Remove all of the tape and padding that should be protecting the scooter
Unpack and install any accessories. Mirrors, battery, and etc.
Check the oil, and the tire pressure, charge the battery.
Check the brake adjustment, the throttle adjustment, and check the shift or clutch, if it has one
Clean the scooter of any dust and protectant
Fuel it
Start it, hopefully
Make sure the lights, horn, etc, work
Install the registration plate, if it needs one
Test ride it
Wax it.
I’ve probably forgotten a few things.
Remember, if anything goes wrong the mechanic will be stuck in the middle between you and the seller. That will cost extra.

252525’s advice is good. You might find it is just as economical to buy a scooter from a dealer who will be happy to have you as a customer, back the warranty, and be equipped to service the scooter, including getting parts.

I would buy one from a dealer. They are already assembled and the salesman will probably have knowledge about them. Give them a test ride before you buy. Buying online will not really save you that much money…in fact you may be overpaying.

Superior Power Sports is looking for dealers. Contact them and see how close the nearest dealer to you is if you haven’t already. If it’s not too far away, just buy an assembled scooter. If you are not comfortable assembling it yourself, maybe you should get a different unit from a local dealer that will support it. The basic assembly looks to be very easy. But if it doesn’t start and needs troubleshooting or adjustments, who will do it?

Maybe you could talk to a power lawn equipment store to see if they would do it for you, or talk directly to one of their mechanics. They might do it for you after hours. Small engines are their specialty.