Not exactly a car question, but a Scooter/ Moped Question

Hi All-

My husband and I are looking to get a scooter to ease up our commute. We just want some honest opinions about models of scooters, what’s reliable, what’s a good price for a used one, etc?


I’m not going to get into the issue of what is a scooter and what is a moped but in Italy about all they drive are Vespas.

I’ve a friend with one of those little Honda Metropolitans. He loves the thing, though IMO it’s overpriced – -$1700! You could get a gently used motorcycle for that :wink:

I’d stay away from the Chinese brand until it is clearly apparent that they have their quality and parts availability assured. Stay with a Japanese brand, Honda, Suzuki etc.

Yes, you can buy a pretty good used motorcycle for the price of a new scooter. It’s my view that a motorcycle with its larger wheels is safer than a scooter. I’ve been running motorcycles for many years and thousands of miles. I then test rode a Honda Spree a few years ago and felt a little insecure.

2 strokes have aLOT better take off speed

How long a commute and will you be on highways at all? Scooters are basically for in town driving, even though some have larger engines.

Commute will be about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic and mostly be on local roads, definitely no highways. The thing with Missouri is that you don’t need to register anything less than 50cc.

Do you (or anyone else) know about the brand, Roketa?

Does anyone even offer a 2 stroke in the US any more?

50cc is pretty small for keeping up with traffic, but vespa does make one, for about $1800 new. I expect you you could find a used one pretty cheap, or an asian clone even cheaper.

2-strokes aren’t road legal in the US anymore, but you still do see some under 50cc toys that use them like the Razor scooters, but not really anything I would consider a serious mode of transportation.

I’d register it and get a scooter withat least 100cc. Regiswtration can;t be that expensive, and you should get the motorcycle driver’s license. It confirms that you know how to drive safely. Or get a bicycle. It’s a great way to get or stay fit.