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any info on iscoot scooters

No Thank You. I Have No Need For Any.


From their web site looks like another cheap brand of scooters that are now being sold here. The description of the scooter and the experience are good for some grins. Are they OK? Hard to tell. You might google ‘scooter reviews’, see what pops up.

Just know that a 49cc engine will barely keep up with traffic. Not how I’d roll!

Thanks very much for the quick response and your thoughts. new to the site and very pleased with the info received so far. Thanks again.

Lot of hype on their web site. You’re going to have to pick up the freight charge which can be a few hundred dollars, depending where you live in relationship to their whse location.
Do you have any experience with motorcycles and the like?

This looks like an advertisement to me… You people are paid to go to places like Cartalk…and post their product…

Also relevant is the type of terrain(hilly or flat), how big a person you are, how much bad weather you have in your area, etc., etc… Hundred year warranty is worthless if you have to chase them to China for parts if they go out of business here.

If that’s true they just made a BIG mistake.