Scooter parts?

Found a screw on the floorboard of my new scooter. I don’t remember taking if off. No screws are missing on the dash. Scooter runs fine except it has a dead battery-I had to kick start.

I guess scooters have the same problem of 4x wheeled vehicles when new… Something will always fall out.

If it has a cover below the seat check that…they are always pesky. I’ve done the same when working on mine.

If this is a new, Chinese scooter you should do a tour of every nut and bolt and screw and make certain they are tight. If you find things that have fallen off, save them, because sooner or later you will find the hole. Also, if the scooter is truly new, the battery might need one good charging, especially if you are mostly riding on short trips. Change the oil soon, check the air pressure in the tires, etc. But most of all, welcome to the secret world of scooter freedom. Slide through traffic, park easily, and have fun riding.

I find that the plastic adds a lot of bling and aerodynamics but is a bit of nuisance when adding LEDs.