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Saturn's passlock Security problem

2003 Saturn L200 4-door. Piece of crap. My Saturn dealer is out of business. For a few years now when the driver gets in the car, puts key in ignition, the passlock light starts blinking and the car won’t start. According to the manual this system shuts off the gas if someone tries to jimmy the lock, etc. We use a key, honest! It takes about 15-20 minutes of waiting before the car will then start. This happens more frequently to my husband than to me, but it has happened to me as well. It’s driving us nuts because we never know if it’s going to start or not. Has anyone else ever experienced this with Saturn?

Typically when PassLock2 is activated the car will start but die after 10 seconds,this does not fit the symptons that you describe.

Pick a Chevrolet Dealer,they can diagnosis and repair Passlock2 concerns if you do have one.Or pick any GM Dealer ,they all can work with Passlock2 (not SAAB or Hummer,maybe Hummer can)