00 Saturn SL1 Wont turn over!

I have a 2000 Saturn SL1 that died while driving. The battery was tested ok! When you turn the key all the lights come on. Turn it to start and all the lights go out except the SES and security lights. I have tried a method of reseting the security system by turning the key on then breifly to start. Letting it set and repete about 3 times or so. But it does nothing for the present issue. Any help will be appreciated!

I left out that after you try to start the car you get a chime 2 times!

If you try to jump the starter manualy it will turn the engine over.

Do you have another key? Have you tried it yet?

Both keys do the same thing. Even the valet key or plain metal key with no black plastic on it!

If you have a PassKey security system, you may have to take it to a GM dealer to get the system reprogrammed or try this

or this.


I took the battery to work to test it, it has lost its charge. Found a bad cell in the battery and replaced it. At first the car started and ran fine. As I was about to take it for a test drive it died. From then on it starts for a moment then dies all lights die with the car. If you turn the car off and wait a few mins all the lights will come back on when you start the car. But it dies almost immediately. The security light did flash but only the first time the car died! We have had problems with the ignition module/passlock module. As I am told they are the same module close to the firewall on the steering shaft.