Saturn L200 Issues

I have a 2003 Saturn L200 (yes, the lower end model - 4 cylinder) that sometimes won’t start. Background: fuel pump replaced 3 years ago, BCM failure Aug 2010 (this took months to fix as the dealer couldn’t find one - not even in the GM network, Motorola had to build one I think), other wise, very few problems. In the last 6 months, my car has refused to start twice. Both times I was parked on a very slight incline with the hood uphill (maybe related, maybe not). All the electronics seem to work, starter seems fine, I can hear the fuel pump try to engage. There’s just no “fire.” A friend who’s a big machine mechanic was stumped - it’s getting fuel and the spark plugs are firing. Both times I’ve let it sit over night and it started just fine the next morning. My theory is that it’s the security system - GM Passlock. When armed it will shut off the gas if someone hotwires your car. I know of 2 other people who’ve had similar things happen with GM cars. I no longer double click the remote lock to arm the security system, but I think it is anyway. My key doesn’t have a chip in it - but I think somehow the car is confused and thinks I’m a thief. Another theory is that the floating gauge for the fuel is getting stuck if I park with my nose uphill, but both times this happened, I had at least 1/2 tank of gas. Any suggestions? Is there a way to turn off the security (or passive theft deterrent as my manual calls it)? I thought about trying to find the fuse, but I figure it may be connected to a bunch of other things. I’m only at 86,000 miles, so not ready to trade yet, but can’t afford to be stranded much more. Thanks!

The dealer should be able to disable the system for you.