99 Pontiac Grand Am - Security Light Preventing Car from Starting

I drive this car everyday and sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t. When I turn the key I can hear the engine crank but the car will not start. When I put the key back to the off position a blinking security light comes on. The car will not start as long as this passlock system is activated.

I have been stuck at work trying to get home, I have been stuck at the grocery store, I have been stuck at the gas station, and the list goes on. The problem is that when the light comes on I have to wait 10-15 minutes before the car will release the security feature and allow me to try to start again.

Countless visits to the dealer and other various car repair shops has resulted in no advice or fix. The dealer did offer that it was the remote start system causing problems so we had that removed…but our problems persist.

We need help and there is none out there. I called Pontiac to raise the issue and they recommend taking to a Pontiac dealer…well we’ve done that. Lost and stranded…sometimes. HELP ME!

The Pontiac (GM) dealer should have fixed it. They aren’t doing their job.

Take the vehicle to another dealer but DO NOT tell them what happened previously.

Let them fix it on their own.

I’m going to say the fault lies in a damaged chip in the key head.

Perhaps the security code (Theft-deterrent) will need reprogramming.

Have you tried another programmed key?

One programmed for your vehicle, I mean.

I had similar problem with my 2002 chevy impala. Dealer cannot duplicate the problem. GM TSB points to possible problem on poor connection on BCM connectors. But I haven’t figured out how to disconnect and check the connectors.

I posted this on a different car message board where this is a lengthy topic…good news, I was able to resolve my issue, read on:
Success, indeed. I have been reading this message board for quite a while looking for a solution to the passlock/security problem. I have been struggling with a 99 Grand Am for about two years when recently it has gotten progressively worse. I went from it happening once every couple weeks to happening everyday…absolutely aggravating. But then, after calling around to probably 10 different places I found a guy that has been seeing this problem a lot lately and told me he felt confident to try the fix if I provided him with the instructions. I printed nobullchitbids latest posting and took it to him.

I have started the vehicle successfully several times since his work and feel confident that it will continue to start. He installed the “toggle” switch under the dash as I requested and told me it was a “piece of cake”.

Just a little history - we called the dealer on several occasions and Pontiac about our problems with the security system. They absolutely denied ever even hearing or knowing anything about it. We had the remote start completely removed from the car in order to troubleshoot to find out that the problems continued. It wasn’t until reading this message board and getting the necessary instructions that a mechanic actually took a crack at it and resolved my problem.

-My car starts
-Security light stays on solid all the time now (can be resolved by a piece of black electrical tape).
-Work performed by Bob at Auto Technicians in Midland, MI.
-Took a matter of a couple hours to perform.
-No longer stranded in my driveway waiting to go to work.
-No longer stranded at my work parking lot watching everyone else drive home in their fault free cars.
-No longer stuck at the gas station pissing people off while I wait 10 minutes before I can try to start my car.

If you are getting no satisfaction from dealers try an auto shop and talk them through your issue, chances are that someone there has dealt with a similar problem. Bob was overjoyed when I provided him with the instructions; it allowed him less ?guessing? and enabled him to get the job done quickly.

Good luck,