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Saturn SC-2 Remote Lock Makes Horn Beep Four Times

When I press the lock button on my remote key one time my Saturn SC-2 horn beeps four times. This started after the battery was run down and I recharged it. How can I get the car horn to not beep when the remote key is pressed once, which is the normal action or response?

Isn’t there information in the owner’s manual about different settings for the alarm?

Not that I can find, but I would have that it would contain the information.

You might try disconnecting the negative battery terminal to reset it. Leave it disconnected for 15 minutes or so to allow any residual charge in the electronics to bleed off. Then reconnect and see if the problem persists. But I’d try the manual first. It sounds like it’s trying to tell you something.

a simple solution would be to call a saturn dealer and ask the service dept for help.