'97 Saturn SL2 Horn Goes Off On It's Own

What would cause a car horn ('97 Saturn SL2) to go off on it’s own at all hours of the day and night? Using the horn button on the remote does not stop it.

Broken or worn parts inside the horn button on the steering wheel, or a frayed wire inside the steering column. Disassembly is the only way to know for sure.

If Saturn uses the typical GM turn signal cancel cam (also contains the retainer for the horn wire) the small tabs holding the wire could have broken (this usually happens when you are taking the airbag off and it suprises you and falls in your lap) Has the airbag been removed lately?

No, the air bag has never been removed or replaced. The ignition switch was replaced April 2005 by Saturn.

I have never done a Saturn ignition switch but I can’t think of a 97 GM car you can do a ignition switch (either electrical or lock cylinder) without removing the steering wheel,that means removing the airbag,we may be on to something.

They had to remove the steering wheel, but that was April 2005. That is why we had Saturn do it, my husband didn’t want to deal with removing the steering wheel. I wonder why it took this long to act up? I will be into Saturn tomorrow evening for a tire repair and to check on my husband’s '93 Saturn SL 2 and I will talk with them about my horn and the ignition switch replacement at that time. If they are willing to look into it for, hopefully, free and if my husband’s car is done, I’ll leave mine and take his home. Right now my husband has disconnected the horn so our neighbors can sleep. I’m just glad we have a spare car for times like this.

My husband feels it likely is in the steering column, as you suggested. Since he doesn’t want to pull the steering wheel with an air bag and Saturn did do the ignition switch, I’m dropping it off tomorrow night to have Saturn open it up and check things out. Hopefully I’ll have the answer on Wednesday.

I took it to Saturn and it was the horn assembly itself and not in the steering column. Thank you for taking the time to help.