Power steering

my power steering light came on. Is it okay to drive for a while-fore I do not have the money to fix it right now?!My car is an 2004 Saturn Ion

I assume that this car has electrically-assisted power steering, hence the warning light.

With the exception of having to use a very large amount of muscle power to steer the car, does it steer normally? If it does steer normally, then I suppose that you could defer the repair, but I think that you will soon tire (both literally and figuratively) of the incredible effort necessary to steer the car. Parallel parking will probably be almost impossible. But, if you want really big biceps, I guess that this is one way to get them.

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Well, since steering is rather important I think you should investigate the reason the light is on. You wouldn’t want the steering to fail completely, would you?

What does the owner’s manual say about this light? I’m not familiar with a warning light for power steering. Does the light mean low power steering fluid, which would be very easy and inexpensive to fix, or does the light indicate a problem with an electric power steering system?

If there’s a power steering fluid reservoir, please check the fluid level. Power steering fluid can be purchased at any auto parts store. Maybe it just needs a little fluid, which you can add yourself.

If the car is already hard to steer, as VDCdriver mentions, I’d consider it a safety issue and suggest you have it repaired immediately. Steering that is hard to operate is not what you want in an emergency. This is not a monetary question, it’s a safety question. You cannot afford to put off a repair if the car is unsafe to drive.

Check the owner’s manual and the power steering fluid before you do anything else.

Your ability to steer the car is rather important. This is a safety issue, and not something that should be put off.

If this car uses power steering fluid, check the level and add some if necessary. If it doesn’t use power steering fluid, you could apply for a Goodyear credit card, a Firestone credit card, or a credit card from a similar national chain. They frequently have zero interest payment plans available.