Saturday morning TV car shows

Some were great, I think one started off as Shade Tree Mechanic.
Now they boarder on the absurd.
This AM, on Car Fix, they take a blown LSA from an outboard motor that costs nearly six figures and put it in an El Camino.
IMHO, the thought of building a LSA powered outboard in itself is absurd, but Marine Seven does and apparently some people buy them.

Ha, I watched that, missed the part of how motor was available? 1984 el Camino. Worth $6500? Install supercharged LS motor? And 4l80e trans. With aftermarket motor wire harness. And trans controller? And better rear end? Quite an odd project.

Those shows do not care about cost or value after completion.
I considered a bucket T kit. Found completed running, streetable, bucket Ts in confinement car stores for less than the kits would cost.

Agree! Public TV’s program is one of the longest running and is always worth watching. Loved Shade Tree Mechanic when it was on.

A good Canadian show is Motoring 2021, a lot like Motor Week in a Canadian setting.

Must be a pretty big boat to have an LS motor as an outboard. I’d expect a motor like that inboard and in a hydroplane or other racing boat.

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I enjoy watching “Counting Cars” when I have a chance. It’s a spin off from “Pawn Stars”, starring Danny aka “The Count”. It’s not a how-to show, but its still interesting and about cars of the vintage I’m accustomed to.

I enjoy Chasing Classic Cars a lot. Wayne is so good at describing cars and finding classics.

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Boats powered by outboards are getting bigger. One on my “powerball list” is only 33 ft, takes twin Yamaha V8s.
The boats for the LSA are in the 40+ foot range. Not unusual to see boats with four outboards down here.

Exactly, in the morning, get to the fish fast. When a storm pops up, get home fast.
Not your dad’s car topper.

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I’d like to see more car shows that just show more basic maintenance, repairs, and projects. Sure, the show quality builds are cool, but…meh, I dunno.

I used to watch a show sometimes called Trucks! on Saturday mornings. Or maybe Sunday. I think it might still come on, but I watched it ten years ago or more. My all time favorite episode, the host went through getting an old Dodge Powerwagon running that had sat for several years. Fairly basic stuff, but it was interesting to me and it’s something that I might actually do. My favorite episodes of Roadkill are the ones where they find some abandoned pile in a junkyard and just get it running and put it back on the road.


I have that show set to record when new episodes come up, first saw Danny when someone from the pawn shop had a vehicle for him to give his opinion on.

Everyday Driver is on early Saturday mornings on the Motor Trend channel but since they don’t own the show it’s not on their app and isn’t repeated until months later. The Hosts are based out of Park City Utah and focus on cars that can handle the commute and daily life but you enjoy driving. They’re more into buying a fun car and maintaining it well so you’ll see more BMW’s and Mazda3’s than Toyota Corolla’s .

I like chasing classic cars & the older episodes of Wheeler Dealers. The new ones were ok but not as good. I like when they do normal fixes to normal cars.
Most of what I get now on “Motor Trend” (previously Velocity) channel is them souping up an already expensive car. Today they were working on a brand new Jeep, changing the trunk to make it like a truck. They already make the new ones like that, what is the point of buying a new non-truck one and converting it.
The other one I used to like was Dallas car sharks. Real life dealer stories.

Chasing Classic cars still comes up with some interesting finds, particularly the Corvair based Waimea that is now part of the Lane Motor Museum featured in a recent episode. futura_waimea_1960

Those shows cost a lot to put on. Dan Short couldn’t justify the expense and how it adversely affected running Fantomworks. Still, they are basically advertisements for the shop.