Gas monkey garage

i just saw the tail end of an episode. apparently he fired all his good mechanics and had body guys butchering a high dollar engine.

with all the crap work and mistakes that he puts on TV i m surprised that anyone buys his builds. the stuff they don t show has to be worse.

he must get paid well by the discovery channel

Yea @WESW; I have seen the show and would be afraid what I’d find at the first part I had to remove.

They seem to just want to cover the rust degrease an old engine and throw it together.


I totally agree. I think Aaron may be capable but he is overruled by blowhard Richard. Other than that. Not much quality going on.

It’s what you get when you want fast and cheap builds .Hard to say how they do when the camera’s aren’t pointed at them. I read a review of the F40 they partnered with Dennis on, basically the reviewer (who owns a high end dealership in the northeast) wouldn’t touch the car for anywhere near the expected money. I’d rather buy a classic from a reputable dealer closer to me.

I would rather buy a classic from anyone besides Gas Monkey.

There’s a dealer in Seattle called Drager’s who stocks various era’s of classic cars and trucks and is very upfront and open about the condition of a particular vehicle. Video’s they’ve done have gone out of their way to point out any flaws or problem areas.

what really bothers me is when they take a beautiful original car and rip it apart, slam it to the ground and take the perfectly good motor out

@wesw Please understand that like ALL supposed reality shows Gas Monkey is scripted. There is nothing real about it. There is no way they could find real live people stupid enough to shell out the big bucks they depict for the crap they put together while the cameras roll. I quit watching after one show.

I watched part of 3 or 4 episodes and had to bail out even though I knew from the start they were all hacks at best. The only one as bad if not worse was the short-lived Desert Valley Kings.

As to the car buyers shown they’re either staged for the cameras or the dumbest bunch on the face of the Earth; more than likely the former.

The last episode I watched was when they allegedly were building a '56 Nomad for Dale Earnhart, Jr.
New crate motor, new wheels/tires, new custom paint and looked good from 30 feet away.
During the test drive after all of that was done and before the interior was installed the large amount of rust all over the inside could plainly be seen by the in-car camera during the drive.
That paint is probably bleeding rust through all over and I doubt that Dale Jr. is anywhere within a 1000 miles of that POS.

Same goes for American Chopper motorcycles; total garbage. The only real TV bike builder in my opinion was the late Indian Larry. That guy was lights out both as a builder and hard core rider.

I don’t get the show, but it doesn’t sound like I’m missing much. Now I sort of would like to watch an episode just out of curiosity. I’ve seen lots of junk built on TV, that’s for sure.

The only car build show I actually enjoyed was Monster Garage. Jessie James made no pretense that he was building quality on the show, and some of the stuff he did was cool, particularly the Peterbuilt trike. I also don’t doubt for a moment that he could build quality machinery when he wanted to, and would have no qualms about buying one of his builds. IMHO he’s the “real deal”.

Regarding that Gas Monkey show, one of the worst episodes was the '59 Rambler wagon rust bucket. Crate motor, new wheels, slammed to the ground, blankets for seat covers and it was allegedly sold for 20 something thousand dollars to some doofus who allowed his 12 year old kid to make the decisions. A Number One grade car is worth 10 grand tops.
It was allegedly bought for his wife “who always wanted a classic car” and was solid rust both in and out; and left that way.
Also no A/C which in Dallas, TX in the summertime…

I agree with mountainbike about the first few years of Monster Garage. That was some pretty innovative stuff and while I think Jesse James is an egomaniacal jerk I also think that he’s a real metal craftsman. The guy also rides his bikes.

James is also a total moron. Married to Sandra Bullock and he botched that to take up with that grungy tattoo girl? Must be lingering effects of paint fumes…

His past is also not what one would call… free of lawlessness. He’s not someone I’d want to piss off in a bar. And I wouldn’t want to accidentally bump his bike with my car. But I liked the show. It was honest and it was creative. And from what I can tell, I suspect his word is his bond. He’ll tell you the truth, straight out, like it or not.

His taste in women… well, let’s just say it fits him. His tattooed woman is probably more honest than my ex is… as a matter of fact, she’s probably a LOT more honest! and perhaps a lot more self-sacrificing too.

I dunno guys, I think you’re under (or over?) estimating the tastes and likes of a lot of people these days.

There’s a large group of people who look at what I would consider a very nice classic car and the first thing they think is that it needs a set of 22’s, a Chevy 350 slammed into it, some custom billet dash work and paint that would make me cringe.

mountain! I wonder if Sandra bullock thinks his word is his bond!

Point made.

hey, did you ever check into the x ray injections? our being up at this hour reminded me of it. back problems and insomnia go together

X-ray injections? That’s a new one to me.

I used to get epidural cortisone injections (spinals) about once every three months, and they helped. According to the national website on degenerative disc disease, in 65% of the cases the condition goes through some very bad years and then improves. I seem fit that data. Problem is, it takes 20 years. I’ve been struggling with this for some 18 years, so I seem to fit the stats perfectly. But some of that “improvement” may have to do with “behaviors”. Over the years I’ve learned how to “behave” based not on what I want to do, but based on what I know I CAN do. I know I can’t carry a gallon of milk, so I buy it in half gallons. And so forth. When I drop something, I no longer try to catch it. I let it fall and deal with the results after, slowly. And so forth. I no longer hesitate to use assistive devices, like my cane and walker, and I no longer feel conspicuous using a handicap parking permit. And I religiously take my painkillers.

I feel confident in saying that all long-term chronic pain and insomnia go together. Along with stress and even heart attacks. But if I find that rich blond widow, none of it will matter… {:slight_smile:

we talked about this before mountain and you said you would ask your doc.

i get x ray steroid injections about every 3 months. they are amazingly helpful most times.
its probably the same as you got except you are under x ray so that the doc can pinpoint the nerves that need relieve and target the discs responsible.

i got injections once before the old way and they did nothing.

you should really check it out. sometimes its miraculous. life changing even

yes my behavior had to change as well. i haven t had a major crippling blowout in a couple years, just as well cause they are really scary now. last time i thought i was paralyzed. after about 30 or so major blowouts you don t recover well. i m twisted and quite a bit shorter.

dropping a few lbs would prob help as well :slight_smile:

I will.
It does sound like the same thing I used to get, except with better accuracy. My doc has suggested going back to the injections, but I’ve had a pretty good handle on the problem these past few years, and since retiring I can cope with the setbacks better, so I’ll probably just stick with the current routine.

I did have an “event” that scared me recently, however. I lost most of the use of my right leg and all of the use of my left leg. I was scooting my right leg along using the walker (I couldn’t lift it) and dragging my left leg around with my hip. With oral steroids (methalprednisolone), painkillers, and lots of sleep, I did manage to regain the use of my legs, however, so things went mostly back to “normal”, although not completely. I have an appointment the 8th to go over my MRI. I’ll see what he says.

Thank God for automatic transmissions…