Pls tell me abt hydrophobic coatings on the windshield, other than RainX

Might also be worth trying silicone instead of rubber blades.

I am thinking that perhaps your windshield is worn out. I’ve had windshields that have been subjected to so much abuse that they’re pitted with thousands of nearly invisible, almost microscopic chips (Think of it being sand-blasted).

I have always had zero deductible on my auto glass. When my windshields get bad enough I call my agent and she approves replacement right over the phone. I present a claim number to the glass company and I get new glass.

It makes a huge difference. In fact, you can hear the difference in the sound the wipers make on the new glass compared with the old when standing outside the vehicle.

How many miles on this vehicle?


Over time, sometimes wiper blades get bent and sometimes wiper arms lose their tension, so replacing those parts could help.

I have had great luck with RainX. But I also clean the windshield before I apply it. I wash it with soap and water, then ammonia cleaner then rubbing alcohol. Then I apply 2 coats of Rainx. It lasts a few months like that and have had no problems. Each time I wash the car I rub the wiper blade with a paper towel and ammonia cleaner, the black junk that comes off is ugly. A pitted windshield and bad wiper blades can be the cause of the problems.

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The thing i liked about the Rain-x is that above 35 MPH i could turn the wpers off
When I had to use the wipers below 35 MPH the Rain-X would cause the wipers to chatter.
Since you’re not having the chatter problem, it looks like shadowfax has your answer, just use the Rain-X in the washer bottle
Did you have this problem on previous cars?

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I’ve been using RainX for 10+ years now and always have “great luck” with it too.
Totally agree with you, Steve, on importance of cleaning glass before applying the product, as applying atop of road grim film makes for very messy results and people complaining about RainX product.
Other than common household cleaners, here is much better product, specifically designed for the purpose:

Another use for it is: if you do not like your RainX coating, it will remove it completely :slight_smile:
For me, RainX Original works the best, lasts for one year at the least. All other “2-in-1” and such variations are not as good as Original one.

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I’m a long time user of Rain-X, and I’ve had no issues with it. Maybe the problem is with your windshield or the wipers you’re using.

Yes, there are other brands of Rain-X-type products, but they’re likely to behave the same way in the same circumstances, so I don’t think that is the solution you should be seeking.

On a used vehicle as old as yours, the windshield might be pitted or might have been replaced with an inferior aftermarket material that doesn’t meet OEM specifications. Have it examined by someone who knows about auto glass, like a body shop, a business that specializes in auto glass, or someone at your insurance company. Your insurance company has a vested interest in making sure you can see, so they’re likely to be happy to help you with this, and maybe replace the windshield without charging you a deductible.

Whitey, I like your idea of getting some opinions on the condition of the glass surface itself. Yesterday I suggested that the glass may be damaged (see above).

Just an hour ago, my son texted me that he is getting a new windshield in his Subaru Outback, a victim of the tar and stones road resurfacing project on his daily work commute. A small stone made a chip and a 10 inch cracked resulted.

He was looking forward to new glass because his Subaru was pre-owned and came from an arid region of the country and the glass was “sand blasted” by the environment prior to his buying it.

I always found that Rain-X on the windshield makes it smeary. I think it is great on side
and rear windows.

I use Rain-X. I have used it for years and years. I have not found it to be “smeary” unless used on a worn, pitted windshield.

Perhaps the problem comes from the glass and not the Rain-X.

One thing that helps is well-cleaned glass. I use “Invisible Glass” which seems to work better than any of the blue cleaners from the cleaning aisle. Rain X has mixed reviews in my family…My wife can’t focus past the beading water that it creates. Another tip from this thread that I will vouch for is Bosch Icon wiper blades. They are vastly superior to most I’ve tried.

I have a strong feeling that you are right on the point here. When I acquired the vehicle in 2010, it had 77,000 miles on it, within 5 years and since then I have put only about 25000 miles. Current odometer reading is about 103,500
I don’t remember my deductible on the windshield but can I just ask the agent that I would like to change the windshield because it has lot of issues like the mentioned above? Is it that simple to work out?

Yes, the passenger side wiper arm is definitely bent a bit because it stutters on the dry windshield. It started happening after I changed the wiper blade without removing the arm, my first time. But the driver’s side is fine. I definitely plan to address these before deciding upon something.

I don’t have garage parking so the car is parked in open, exposed to all elements of wind, rain and ice. I tried applying 3X with various different methods but I was not successful.

I don’t know if what you call it as chatter is same as what I am calling it as stutter. I have that problem on passenger side wiper but driver’s side isn’t any different in terms of cleaning.

I liked your idea of getting windshield tested. Can you elaborate more on this, please? Do they test the windshield for free? If not, what is the reasonable amount to pay for it?

I just got Invisible glass yesterday. I am so fed up with this issue that last week or two, I spent scouring around the internet to find what people use and how. This product was cited over and over. Will test it out over the weekend.

With regards to wipers, I came across a few videos on YouTube that claimed silicone wipers are vastly better than any other. Are these Bosch Icon wipers silicone?

Thank you so much to everyone for your opinions.

Edit: Just read through @common_sense_answer’s link and yes, my windshield is sand blasted. It definitely blinds me at a times. At one time, I nearly hit a kid because I could not see him due to blinding light. Lucky me, I was very slow so braked quickly.

It would be great if someone can help me phrase the question(s) to the insurance agent so that I can get the windshield replaced.

You don’t need help asking the question. That is their job to handle claims and ask questions to find out what the problem is.

Speaking for myself, you’re welcome. Thanks for responding to everybody. We sometimes offer advice and never hear back from the people we are trying to help.

I’m not sure what your relationship is like with your agent. As I mentioned before…

As was pointed out, most insurance companies would rather replace your windshield than have a serious claim result from not doing so.

I’d print out some information found online and relate your story of less than desirable visibility under certain conditions, due to sandblasting. Chances are this isn’t the first time the agency has dealt with this type of damage.

I’ve taken you as far as I can with this. Ask your insurance agent or an auto glass specialist to elaborate. In Florida, where I live, the law requires insurance companies to repair or replace damaged windshields for their policyholders without charging a deductible. Since I don’t know where you live or what the laws are there, you’re going to have to ask someone local.

As I said, it’s in your insurance company’s interest to make sure you can see, but not every insurance company is enlightened enough to understand it’s in their interest, so if they’re not compelled by law to replace your windshield, they might or might not be willing.

I’ve offered all the general information I have, and you’re going to need to make some phone calls to find information that applies to your specific situation.

Thank you, everyone.

I live in NY and my relationship with the agent is great. No friction whatsoever. When DW had an at-fault crash 2 years ago, she sorted out pretty quickly and to our satisfaction. I will swing by her office to see if she can help with this.

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I tried RainX and found it worked as advertised at speed, rain drops sloughed off and visibility was good even with wipers off. A big however though, sitting under a traffic light at night in a misty rain I was blind. As soon as I used the wipers a misty fog would reappear on my windshield. I had to contact the manufacturer to find the proper way to remove the coating. ( Which was scrub with Bon Ami scouring powder for those who may find themselves in a similar situation) I would use RainX on a side or rear window or mirrors but never on a windshield.

As an aside I had a half can of Bon Ami left and found it was great for cleaning flattop stoves with a bit of windex. Previously I had used the “Amazing” tm product which at the time came from England for about $20.

Back on topic; sort of; I use a bottle of windex or other good glass cleaner to get the road crud that windshield washer fluid just does not touch. Being a lazy bum I just spray it from my drivers seat ! This may not be the best thing for your paint, don’t know, but I have not noticed a problem.

If you haven’t replaced the windshield yet and there is a deductible cost, talk to a shop that replaces the windshield in your driveway. They will often offer to waive the deductible if you have the work done at their shop. If you do this, make sure they remember that the deductible was waived before starting the work, and be prepared to walk if they don’t remember the agreement. Tell them you will have it done at home or go to a different glass shop.