Safety tips


I worked with carbon dioxide for 21 years.

Even made it.

Humans exhale carbon dioxide.

It would only be unsafe would be if it totally replaced all air in the car.


A friend of mine asked me about using dry ice to create Co2 to kill the critters in his attic. I said the only way that would work was if the critters froze to death.


If you drove 10 mph under in Minnesota on state roads, you’d be going 45 and cars would be lined up for a mile behind you. This would be a very hazardous situation as cars tried to pass.

Back in the 60’s driving through Wyoming on a super hot day before AC, we used wet towels to cool off. I prefer AC.


I did not think any state had double nickle speeds.

In Texas it’s 75.


In NJ, as a result of our density of population, it varies. The Interstate Highways and most parts of the NJ Turnpike have a 65 mph limit, but there are some divided highways that have a 55 mph limit.

On the Interstates and the Turnpike, the prevailing speed is 72-75, and as a result, somebody who chooses to drive 10 mph under the limit (ergo, 55 mph) is actually putting himself and other drivers in danger as a result of the disparity in speeds.


Much of the IL tollway is 55, though the prevailing speed in the left lane can be 70 to 80 mph, or 0 to 10 mph. Stuck in traffic a couple of weeks ago, going maybe 30 miles, estimated trip on the gps was 24 hours


Not everywhere.


Have you driven a vehicle with ABS? That’s exactly what ABS is designed to do. You can brake and turn on snow and ice. Granted at high rates of speed, nothing is going to help.

I find that driving in Boston is a different beast. I try not to offend anyone when I drive, but driving here is extremely reactive. During rush hour it’s actually easier because most people are traveling less then 20mph. but if you’re on the road at 10am the traffic is still heavy, but moving at highway speeds. Then you get the yahoos doing 90+ weaving in and out of traffic…or the knuckleheads in the left lane doing 55 in a 65 zone so they can text.


While ABS can slightly increase stopping distances on some surfaces (loose gravel comes to mind), it is designed to allow the driver to both brake and steer on slippery road surfaces–and it accomplishes that goal very well, IMHO.


Let’s not start the ABS controversy again. Some of us prefer that the wife have it but would just as soon not have it ourselves, thank you.

Welcome to the midwest. Every state around Minnesota is 55 on non-interstates thanks to Nixon. South Dakota is the exception with 65 max and 80 on the interstate. But gee Iowa, Wisconsin, etc.etc. are all 55 off the interstates. Minnesota has cautiously started to make some state roads 60 so you might have a ten mile stretch of nothingness at 60 and then back to 55.

The thing is, these are the same roads that used to be 65 back in the 60’s with the cars of that era. And in fact most of the roads have improved since the 60’s but we insist 55 is the proper speed to crawl along on a 100 mile trip. Used to all be 65 day and 55 night which made too much sense. Pet peeve. Now people are afraid to drive 58 like they will crash if they go any faster.


The problem with relying on ABS to the point that you don’t learn how to drive when it isn’t working is that ABS is vulnerable to failure. If you’re on solid ice, and all 4 wheels lock up simultaneously, ABS isn’t going to know that there’s a problem, and so your wheels will stay locked.

You should never rely on technological babysitters to the exclusion of knowing how to do the task yourself.


I will not argue against that statement but sometimes panic will take over even if the driver knows what to do.


Not to disagree but its like a pilot in trouble. Seldom do they panic trying to re-gain control but they try this, try that, and everything they can think of while they head for the ground. At the very end they try to avoid houses and populations to minimize the collateral damage as they face certain death. Same thing with driving a car in an emergency. You’re too busy to panic.


…and you’re also too busy to pulse the brakes 15 times per second, as ABS is capable of doing.

In the days before ABS, I prided myself on being able to use Cadence Braking to avoid some of the effects of wheel lock-up under very slippery conditions. However, even at the optimum of my physical condition when I was in my 20s, I would not have been capable of pulsing the brakes as often as 15 times per second.


No, not true. A concentration of roughly 10-12% can put you to sleep… possibly permantly


That’s the problem with driving. Pilots are trained superbly, and tested rigorously before they’re allowed to donk around in the sky by themselves.

Drivers pretty much only have to show that they can parallel park and not kill the license examiner.

By the way, the pulsing the brakes thing was because people didn’t know how to threshold brake, and driving schools didn’t teach it. You don’t see rally drivers fooling around with pulsing brakes.


Driving 10 mph under the speed limit on state highways where I live is rewarded with a very negative response!


Insane increase in selfishness.


CO2 added to CO2 being exhaled can eventually lead to death. It can more rapidly lead to loss of consciousness which is always a bad idea when driving.


In military aviation safety training Be Ready. is added to Expect The Unexpected.