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Being careful

I do not drive much as I am retired.

What I see is disturbing.

For example, folks drifting into my lane.

And it happens a lot.

When I see it, I tap my horn.

Seeing a 18 wheeler do so is stressful.

Normally you have the option to go into the turning lane, but that is not available when crossing a bridge.

What are you experiences and what are your strategies ??


Just did an 9 hour trip times 2, doing it again in a couple of weeks, sure I saw truckers drifting one lane or the other, sure I saw cars drifting one way or another, the rumble strips along side the rode usually bring them back for a bit but my preference is to get ahead of them and stay ahead of them, usually 8 over the speed limit works.

Look up, look far ahead, look near, look left and right, use your mirrors, know who is around you at all times,never hang in people’s blind spots, done “left lane bandit”, anticipate stupid behavior, signal early and often.

Look for an escape path in every situation. Know what you will do before it happens. If you have a choice between hitting another car or a solid, immovable object, or off a bridge, or into a ditch, hit the other car - it is squishy-er - it has crush zones for both of you. Don’t veer away from lane-changers into a solid object, ect; bump them. Its just a trip to the body shop, not the hospital.

That’s what I’ve been doing for over 40 years and its worked out very well for me.


When you said “anticipate stupid behavior”, I got a big smile.

I recall something from a driving safety class.

If you are in a situation where a car coming from the other direction is in your lane, drive into the ditch.

A head on collision is most often fatal.


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Well, yeah, no head-ons! Thats as hard a hit as a brick wall!

We don’t need no stinkin traffic control


I wonder how many pedestrians are mowed down yearly there… :wink:

One of the best driver training films I ever saw was in the Army basic training. They illustrated the importance of keeping an open space on all sides of your car. Front, back, left and right. Don’t let cars tag along side of you on either side but try to keep that space open.

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My father told me when he was teaching me to drive; “Always assume the other driver will do something stupid. If they do, you are prepared, if they don’t, you are pleased. Either way, you win.”


A BIG +1!
I am constantly amazed at the number of drivers who think that it is just fine and dandy to drive next to, or in the blind spot of, another car for miles and miles. Even if a good driver is used to checking his blind spot, when other drivers insist on driving “up close and personal” with cars in the adjacent lane, there is a situation that could well result in a collision.

When you take a Defensive Driving course, one of the things that they teach nowadays is the importance of passing other vehicles rapidly, rather than doing it by driving 1-2 mph faster. When I come upon another car that I want to pass on the highway, I goose the accelerator firmly, and get past them as rapidly as possible, while maintaining a safe distance from the cars in front of me.

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I call that “spooning”

And they are SO surprised when the car that they’ve been following in their blind spot has the nerve to change lanes right in front or or into them!

First off I have to ask what lane are you in?

People moving into my lane way too close happens 4-5 times every time I drive to and from work here in MA. Doesn’t matter what lane I’m in…It’s just people drive like idiots around here…

When I have driven in the Boston area, I have observed the same thing. And, I can recall being honked at a few times when I was waiting at a red light, in a right lane that permitted going straight ahead, as well as making a right turn on red. How DARE I want to legally go straight ahead when the Mass-hole in back of me wants me to make a right turn!

Recently, I have observed several cars with MA plates in NJ and–guess what?–they drive in the same overly-aggressive and idiotic manner when they are in other states.

Around here they’ve decided a right turn on red is always mandatory, even if there are two right turn lanes and they’re in the left one. I get honked all the time for not turning.

It happens in every lane.

Don’t drive in MA…you’ll be freaking out because it happens ALL the time.

That’s the answer…let’s get rid of all traffic lights. Seems to work much better. :grin:

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If I drive in MA, I will use a M1 Abrams. :slight_smile:

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My daughter just now texted me from MA on her way to Maine…

"Stuck in traffic around Boston, moving slowly, low speed stop and go." :smile:

An MRAP is a bit less confrontational as long as the machine guns are removed. :stuck_out_tongue: