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Safety Issue: Chrysler Pacifica Interior Icing on Windows

I own a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica and during cold winter months ALL my windows ice-up significantly on the interior. To the point it is clearly a safety issue. Visibility is 0 due to the frost. I have to have the defrost on high at all times just to keep the front windshield clear, which results in making the cabin EXTREMELY uncomfortable (too hot)…for the driver and passenger.

The floor mats are not saturated with water, I have NO wet towels in the car…etc.

This has been happing from day one and the dealer, well…same old story…they say it’s caused by my floor mats and there is nothing wrong…BUT this is NOT normal. I can send a video that shows the issue if you would like. HELP!!!

You’re not turning off your air conditioning, assuming your car even has a way to do that when it’s on defrost, are you?

There has to be moisture in the vehicle somewhere.

Have you checked UNDER the floor mats?

Are your ventilation controls set to “recirculate?”

I agree with Mcparadise’s last comment.
Do you have the HVAC system set on the “recirculate” position?
If not, it is possible that the system has been defaulting to the “recirculate” setting since day one.

Did You Check The Carpeting Under The Front Passenger’s Side Mat For Water ? Some 04 - 06 Pacificas Have Water Leaking Under The Carpet And Saturating It From Below.

The water comes from the HVAC drain tube. The fix is just a little O-ring and a little labor to install it. Chrysler dealers have access to instructions.

I’d carefully check that carpet location for moisture. I’d put a tissue on it and press it down firmly and see if it gets damp. If that carpet is covered with a mat, it could be still damp from summer A/C season.


Do you have the vent controls set to re/cycle? If so change them to vent.