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Defogging 2004 Pacifica windows

I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. Just bought it in the spring and in general am pretty happy with it. However, now that the cold weather is upon us, i am finding it difficult to defog the windows. Put on the defogger mode, but it doesn’t seem to make a big difference. In previous, smaller cars, i would just put on the AC also and it usually defogged right away. Not so with this car. the heating/cooling/AC controls on this car are more varied that any i am used to, as i am a bit of an automotive troglodyte. Any suggestions will be gladly appreciated.

Happy New Year

#1 - owner’s manual.
#2 do you FEEL airflow from the defroster ducts like you normally would ?
Do you hear the AC kicking on during defrost mode ?
These other oddities would mean go to a shop.

This may be a painfully obvious question… but have you cleaned the inside of the windows with Windex, vinegar, etc.?

Another thought that occurred to me is a plugged heater core can sometimes blow stuff on your windshield. Hopefully that’s not the case, though.

Good luck.

Make sure you don’t have the heating system set to recirculate, On many cars this happens automatically when you select defrost but on some cars you have to switch it.
I have found the best cleaner for the inside of the windshield is denatured alcohol.

If you have a sweet smell and an oily film on the inside of your windows you have a leaking heater core. The anti0freeze fumes are bad for your health as well as your visibility.

Good advice above to check to make sure there’s a strong up-flow of air coming from the passenger compartment vents just under the windshield. If not, you may have a blend door actuator that needs fixing.

Outside air, defrost, heat set to max. You may have to crack a side window (or sunroof if you have one) to pull warm moist air out quicker.

Thank you all for your replies. They gave me some places to look. I did rewash the windows and it seemed to help a bit.