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Leaky passenger side 05 pacifica

I have an 05 pacifica that leaks on the floor every time it rains. I have checked the sunroof drains and they are fine. the windshield trim has also been checked and sealed. I have done a soap test with water and have not been successful.

This only happens when it rains, barely any rain this summer and it stayed dry. Coming into rain and now its wet again. What could this be, I have exhausted all efforts to discover this.

Below the windshield is a trough where the windshield wiper linkage resides.

If the drain holes in this trough plug up, water accumulates in the trough and starts leaking into the interior.


Two of the sunroof drains run down the A pillars. I’ll bet it’s one of those. You said you checked the sunroof drains, how did you check them?

I blew air through them to clear them out of any depris, then I poured water down the drains and it came out consistently underneath.

Checked these, the trough was clear.

There’s a joint in the passenger side drain about a third of the way down the A pillar. It can be seen by removing the plastic trim inside the A pillar. The leak is frequently at that joint.

It sounds like you’ve done the basic stuff already. Check the door drains too. Each door has a bevy of holes at the bottom, a little awkward to get at though. Sometimes these holes are easier to see w/a mirror. Make sure they are not clogged. The other common place for rain to get in is the rear tail-lights. So check for dampness on the floors back there too. If there’s a well for the spare tire, look for water accumulating there also. Those rear hatches can cause leaks, often due to an incontinent seal at the top.

I had this problem on my truck and it was caused by water entering three places. (1) Water coming off the windshield was entering the under-windshield drain system ok, but diverting to the interior b/c the drain system was clogged up with leaves and sticks. (2) Small leaks due to cracks in the windshield/flange gasket. (3) Water from roof wasn’t making it all the way to the ground through the roof drain system. De-clogging all those drains was a big messy job, but I eventually got it flowing freely again.

On my Corolla I had some water getting in due to a tail-light leak, after I replaced that tail light. I had to re-seal it.