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Problem with air conditioning

I have a 2007 Chrysler PT cruiser that I purchased new. It has been very reliable, and has never given me any problems. All routine maintenance has been kept up with. I live in Hawaii, where air conditioning is a must. Last week, while driving in a fairly heavy rain, I turned on the air conditioning, and a white mist began pouring out from the vents. I thought perhaps it might be due to the rain, so I turned it off. A while later, I turned it on again, and the white mist again began pouring from the vents. Since then, I have no air conditioning. The blower works just fine, but it blows only warm air. Before I take my car in to have it looked at, I was wondering if anyone knows what could have caused the problem I described. I know very little about automotive air conditioning, and I don’t want to get taken advantage of with repairs I do not need. I thank you for your kind assistance in advance in helping me get my “cool” ride back!

During damp weather it is possible for a very cold air conditioner to condense the mosture into a fog. Don’t ask to have that fixed unless you believe there was refrigerant gas leaking into the car.
As for the air conditioning problem be sure the “snow flake” button light is on.

Thanks for the response. I stated that the air conditioner is no longer working. I always made sure the snowflake was on to circulate cabin air. I think it is probable that the refrigerant leaked into the car. I am curious as to where the leak could have occurred that would allow the refrigerant to leak into the ducts. Thanks!

The AC evaporator (the part that cools and dehumidifies the air) is in the HVAC system, right next to the heater core.

If the evaporator leaked the refrigerant would come through the vents into the car.

A mechanic who has equipment to service your car’s AC system will be able to test for a leak, and should be able to repair it and recharge the system if one is found.