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Pacifica Leak tried everything, please help

I have an 05 Pacifica, when it rains it comes in soaks the passenger floor. This only happens when it rains. if there is no rain there is no water on the passenger floor.

I have posted a pic of where it is dripping in on the passenger side under the dash. I have also put black silicon on the windshield weather strip at the bottom of the windshield and it is still leaking. Any ideas???

Do you have a sunroof?

Yes, When I poured water down the drain holes no water came in

When you poured waterdown thendrain holes, did it come out where you could see it?

Based on the picture, seems like water is running down the firewall and leaking at the seal where the hvac ducting passes through the firewall. Sealing around the entire housing may solve the leak.

Seeing a few leak topics, has anyone ever tried adding a dye to the water to make it easier to see?

The hvac is about 2 inches below the drip so it can’t be that. Plus it only happens when it rains. Not when the vehicle is running. It has to be a leak somewhere

Have you tried a hose? Run water around the edge of the sunroof. Do it slowly, and spend about 15 minutes going around the edge. Then let it sit for an hour to seep through the leak. If the carpet is till dry, it probably isn’t the sunroof. Move on to the windshield and run water Around the edges. Same time for soaking and waiting. Check the carpet again. If it’s still dry, try the firewall.