Saab twice module

where can I get new keys matched with my twice module that doesn’t cost $2000.00

Well, maybe if you did it once, instead of twice, it would only cost $1,000.

Which planet are you on, and what the heck are you talking about?

Saab twice?

I give up. Please tell me what that means.

Are you talking about the Saab 9-2, which is a Subaru Impreza in disguise?

Like mcparadise, I am befuddled by this question.
What the heck is a “twice module”?

I Don’t Have The Answer For You.

However, try this online source or call and check with the folks (at Keyless Ride). They have helped me with other key issues, very reasonably. Maybe they can help you. Maybe they can’t.

click this link:

VDC - Saab ‘TWICE’ module is the integrated ignition key / immobilizer unit. They need special software code updates and configuration when installed and therefore are a dealer installation…

…generally this costs the equivalent of a Federal stimulus package,


Post year and model, and I can advise you on additional keys for your vehicle.

Otherwise, I will just guess at the answer.

I presume the T.W.I.C.E. module has not been replaced

Generally, mailorder firms are not the answer, but a local locksmith equipped for SAAB ( they will need either a cloner or a TechII w/Saab scantool ) will be of great help.

City Lock

I Don’t Know.

It might not be possible, but I’d make a free call to the folks at Keyless Ride. They have information on keys and remote fobs, etcetera. You can see if you can figure out an answer first at their web page.

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