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Saab keys!

We have a 2003 Saab 9-5. We have been told by our Saab dealer, repeatedly, NEVER EVER LOSE THE KEY! The replacement fee for the key + in-car security system is around 1500 bucks, we have been told.

At least we were told!

In fact, they even told us to be careful and not lock the car with the key, then have the key’s battery die, as that will also require replacement of the in-car security computer: $1500!

So, to the lady from MA who lost her key: sorry! But I don’t think you will find a much better deal.

My son lost his one key to his Audi A4 and was told to bring the title for the car to prove ownership and then keys could be made in Germany. Estimated cost: $250. But he hasnt’ done it yet so we’ll see.

It’s not a Saab, but I lost a transcoder chip key for an '01 Honda Accord while riding a roller coaster. However, I didn’t call a Honda dealership. I called a locksmith, to discover that there were only TWO on the peninsula (Virginia) that had the equipment to replace and encode the key. I was able to get a hold of one, explain the nature of the problem, and they came to the parking lot at the amusement park, cut a new key without the original, recoded the computer (in case my keys were ever found, or perhaps because they didn’t have the original code…), encoded the new key (and gave me the new code in case I wanted to get a copy, which I do but haven’t yet…), and I have been using that key since. Total cost: $250. My suggestion is call a locksmith, not a Saab dealer, before you let them rake you… heck, unless the car in question is top place on a list of “steal me!” cars, I might even talk to a local, creative mechanic who is familiar with Saabs, and could possibly replace the ignition switch, and bypass computer for a lower price tag. I honestly could not bring myself to pay that kind of money for a key.

I have a Toyota Corolla and also lost my key. The dealership told me it was going to cost almost $400 to replace. I then went to a locksmith, who had the computer equipment for replacing the keys. He was going to replace it for about $150. My father had the brilliant idea of calling AAA to see if they could help and, believe it or not, they did! They recoded the computer and made new keys They charged me less than $100 for two keys! i even ended up getting a valet key, to boot! Now, I appreciate that the Corolla might not be as sophisticated a system as the SAAB, but it couldn’t hurt to ask. If you’re a member of AAA, you may be able to get your keys replaced at a fraction of the cost the dealer is quoting.

I work mostly on german cars, and very few Saabs. Keys themselves, which have the remotes made to them, commonly cost $150 to $250. Keys have unique computer chips with signatures for the computer to identify, so it will permit you to start the car. Some cars have a way to allow the car to learn a new code signature, so a new replacement key can be assigned. Some cars have computers which can’t be assigned new key codes. BMW, for example, used initially a computer which had codes for 10 keys programmed in its memory. After you loose the 10th key, you have to buy a $1000 comnputer which starts you over with 10 new keys. So I wouldn’t be surprised that Saab has this issue. Keep in mind that cars come with 4 or 5 keys when purchased new, so if you buy a used car, you should be asking how many keys come with it.

My friend lost his Lincoln Navigator keys and the dealer quoted him $800.00 dollars. I told him to try a locksmith and they did the job for $500.00. So I recommend calling some locksmiths for estimates.

Lincoln Navigator is one of the simpler ones. Cost varies by year, but not by much

Keys ( 2 or more ) 50.00 each
Remotes 50.00-75.00 each
Program Keys when all lost 100.00
Trip Charge Local 85.00

So, about 400.00 would have been the cost for 2 keys and 2 remotes. I am not the cheapest around, but I use NEW stuff only, no rehashed Ebay stuff