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Saab Key Replacement

We have a 2004 Saab 9-3. One of our keys stopped working. There are computerized keys, which also serve to electronicly open & lock the doors.

I went to the Saab dealership to see what was wrong with the key. I figured that maybe the battery went out.

The service manager wanted to charge me $75 for a diagnostics test on the key. And he told me that if ultimately we had to replace the key, that it would cost me $300.

I told him to forget it. It just seems like way too much money to fix or replace a key.

Outside of paying the $75 and potentially $300, what options do I have?

just pay the 300 and save the 75. these keys are BS in my opinion. i guess thats why i don’t own a saab though!

BMW and audi use the same BS keys. they sure are impressive when there new.

call a locksmith. see if they can check the key out, and maybe change the battery. any one else will be more reasonable than the dealer.

I bought a replacement key for our 2000 95 Aero. It was a little less than $300, so you’re getting a similar quote as to what we paid in Chicago.

In the meantime depress the white line on the key and a door key is hidden in the remote key (you most likely already know that).