Lost Saab keys, what do I do?

I lost my only set of keys to a '00 Saab 95, the dealership says it will cost me $1700, is there anything else I can do?

Try the search function. We get this question a lot.


How about contacting that guy that pounded the web site with car key responses Sunday? He did say he could work with SAAB’s and their T.W.I.C.E. modules. I remember he was from CO. and listed a web address.

Call around to area locksmiths and explain your problem and get a quote.

These keys are complex with the chips inside and computer programmed security systems. If anyone is operating with only one set of keys — get another set made as a spare NOW.

Starting from scratch without a set of spare keys means lots of $$$$ to replace locks and reprogram the security system.

Not just Saab, but same for all of today’s cars. Saab and Volvo are especially expensive.

Citylockusa is the guy in Boulder, CO. In this case, not sure he can help, but if all else fails, contact him.