Saab lost keys


My son has lost his car keys and is being told that it would cost $1600.00 to get a new key from saab. Is this really true?


I hope not.


I bought an '05 saab from a used dealership. they could only provide 1 key. i called the local saab dealership to possibly get the key cloned and they said they could, both physically and electronically, which would cost $280-$310. Depending on the year of your saab and whether or not it has an electronic sensor (each saab is compatible only w/ it’s own key coding), it may just be that costly. not sure really how much a ‘from scratch’ key is but maybe this helps. ive looked on ebay for keys (considerably cheaper) but you’d still have to get it to the dealership so they can program it to sync w/ your car… not sure how much that is either


thanks. $300 for a second key and $1600 for a new set. Saab is really raking in the dough.