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Saab Intermittent No-start

Intermittent no-start on 2001 Saab 9-3. Every 10 days or so when I turn the key to start position nothing happens under the hood. All dashboard lighting is normal. I have replaced the electrical portion of the ignition and the starter and ignition relays. A test lamp I’ve rigged indicates the starter is NOT getting power when I turn the key. Usually, but not always, after 15-20 minutes, the problem solves itself and the car starts right up, until the next episode 7-10 days later. I’m stumped-help!!

I have also tried starting it in neutral- no luck.

I do not have a wiring diagram for this car so I can only guess a bit, or a lot.
Since this is an automatic transmission I assume, my suspect would be the neutral safety switch. Shifting into neutral is not always a sure-fire method of testing them as it’s possible the contacts could be bad both ways.

I would verify that power is provided to the neutral switch when the key is turned to the START position and that power also passes through that switch.

Thanks ok4450. I got the wiring diagram- only thing between my key and the starter is the fuse (ok), starter relay (replaced new), electrical portion of ignition switch (replaced new) and the neutral safety switch. In trying to diagnose, I have cycled the shifter and have been able to replicate the failure. During an actual failure, this sometimes fixes it. I haven’t yet had the NSS replaced for 2 reasons 1) its $320 and I’m out o cash and 2) I figured out a temp solution; hooked a wire to + end of my starter and left the other end loose but capped near the + end of battery. During the failure, I turn the key to middle position, uncap the wire and touch it to the + end of battery- works great. Thanks for turning me onto the NSS as the culprit- have shared the NSS w other Saab owners who seem to have similar problem (didn’t mention the hotwire thing just for safety sake) but gave you credit for the idea of NSS. Thanks.

You may be able to adjust the switch or clean the contacts to correct this problem.

Hey did you ever reso0lve this? I have a 2001 9-3 with same problem, have not tried rigging it lick you did, but if you got the issue figured out let me know please, thanks

Search “Saab” in this forum and you should find a 6/9/09 problem that was fixed with the crank position sensor being replaced.