Intermittent no start SAAB 2001 9-3

2001 9-3 se hatchback turbo 2.0 l . I bought the car over winter and when spring came It would not start after driving all day when car was hot, no sounds no cranking no clicking of starter, but dash lights would come on .After sitting a few minutes it would start. At the same time I had dash lights flashing on while driving then going out , staying on etc and speedo going out . I changed the ABS module and that corrected the dash lights and speedo issue but the no start issue was still there. We changed the starter, mechanic did it on my request could not diagnose properly since it would not happen for him . The problem then got worse after new starter but the weather also got warmer . Next another mechanic had car for 2 days, and said he found the source of problem, he called it the switch , said the wires looked burnt and bad and he cleaned them up and also changed the part. The problem virtually disappeared for 2 days , now it came back. Still much better than before . Any advice on this would be appreciated. The car is running so great otherwise.