Saab won't start...sometimes

ok…starter replaced and battery…car won’t turn over…sometimes…power there and a click but nothing…then nothing then nothing again and then starts…starts sometimes ok…doesn’t matter what temperature it is…

Try starting if in neutral.

Check the main power cables & connections - battery, starter, alternator.

If it is standard shift, be sure there is nothing between the clutch and the floor when you depress the clutch. For instance, a floor mat.

Sounds like Neutral Safety Switch, otherwise known as the Transmission Range Sensor. What year is your 9-5? This is an issue on 2001 and older 9-5s

Depending on the YEAR, this car may have an immobilizer system from the factory that utilizes a transponder ( CHIP ) in the key. IF the key is aftermarket ( lacks the factory logo or looks “altered”, this can be an issue.

There seems to be no supply of a chip that can respond to the antenna coil all the time… so you will get intermittent starting of the vehicle.

The chip is NOT used other than right when starting up, so this can not cause the vehicle to shut down.

This among all the other possibilities, are a good argument for doign two things:

  1. check all the things you can do your self
  2. do not throw parts at it, get a diagnosis from a sharp, educated mechanic that has a Tech 2 with saab software.