2000 Saab 9-5 Aero with intermittent start problems

My 2000 Saab 9-5 Aero is still a wonderful, comfortable car. It has 77,000 miles and consistent dealer care. Here’s the problem. Occasionally, and without warning, it will not start. Open the hood and wait five minutes, and it will start again and perform flawlessly until the next time. No pattern - warm, cold, in between - and nothing the dealer can find. Help!

Perhaps there is a loose or dirty electrical connection, or some other fault in the ignition system.

Bar none, intermittent electrical faults are the worst to track. But that’s just my .02 cents.

Thanks. Would that fail to show up on the dealer’s computer? I didn’t mention that it does not even turn over - like a dead battery - but the battery is fine. I’ll ask the dealer to check the cleanliness of the connections. It is frustrating. Although it does start after a while, we can’t always count on that being the case.

Sounds like an ignition switch problem, or possable a key problem… This is where the dealer should start looking

Get them to scan for a code as the computer MAY have stored one.

Poor battery connections will undoubtedly lead to a non-start.

Make certain the cable connection at the starter is also removed, cleaned and replaced WRENCH tight.

I have a 2001 9-3 with same problem (although different model than yours)- you turn the key to start, all of your interior/exterior lights work fine but nothing happens under the hood! 5, 10, 30 minutes pass and then it will start. It has been driving me nuts too (see my post under Saab no start). I think I have finally figured out the problem- check the neutral safety switch (same part perhaps as the gear sensor and thanks to Expert cartalk bloggers ok4450 for turning me on to this). This component bolts onto the top of your transmission and lets the car know if it is in park, neutral, etc. If it doesn’t think you are in either P or N, then guess what, no elctricity gets to the starter. Try cycling your gear selector a bunch of times to see if you can then get it to start in either P or N. In trying to diagnose my problem, I have changed the starter relay, and the electrical portion of the ignition- no luck. Do a google search for Saab Neutral Safety Switch- parts sell online for about $350, but check this site for best price at $317 http://www.thesaabsite.com/93/93transmission.htm It should take your mechanic slightly more than 1 hour to do the labor. Good luck- hope it helps