1992 Saab 900 (non turbo)


I have a 1992 saab 900 Convertible, and the top has quit operating. We have tested the safety switches on the handbrake and the park gear and they appear to be working. The two relays under the back seat click when the switch is engaged, but there appears to be no current going to the motor/hydraulic pump. We determined this by unplugging the wires going to the motor/pump and testing with a 12 volt light. Are there other safety switches that need to be checked? Please make any suggestions as to how to remedy this malfunction. Also we have been unable to find a manuel at any car parts store and even the public library. Any suggestions or can you send us one or a wiring diagram?




It sounds to me like you need a manual. Try Books4Cars.com. They have a pretty good selection of inexpensive used manuals.

I have to assume you’ve checked all the fuses and circuit breakers.


No suggestions on the wiring diagram. I looked through the material I had on the Saab with no luck. The only thing I can suggest is that there is a fuse for the power top motor in the right hand power distribution box under the hood. Might want to double check that fuse.