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S40 volvo - 2000

238k miles (stop laughing)

what is engine sludge, please? my friend’s volvo engine was supposedly cleaned 7 mos ago…however, (may not be the problem), recently it cut off 8 days ago…we thot it was the heat (102F) and battery was replaced with a brand new one…now it tries to start and almost catches but nothing…is this fuel related?? electrical??

before this happened for about 2 weeks it would rev and maintain high rpms around 25 -35 and we thot it was due to ac and/or cruise control - we stop using them and it did it one more time and no more…(we also used to stop the car and wait about 4 or 5 mins and it was ok)…please help…

hated to be out of $$ for the battery and no results… :slight_smile: of course it could be worse and we could drive a FIAT!!

thanx n advance… C Allen

238K? Nothing to laugh at. I have two Toyota’s, one at 255K and one at 352K. Also have a 2000 Ford Explorer at 202K. All run good and best of all, no car note!

The no run problem could be ignition or fuel. A trouble code may be set that will help determine the problem. A bad crank angle sensor or cam sensor can cause a cut off and no restart problem. So can a bad fuel pump. If you don’t have the diagnostic tools to determine either, you may need to see a mechanic.

The ‘before this happened’ statement is the one that is most interesting to me. It sounds like the transmission is goofing up. Since it revs up like that, then returns to normal, a problem in the transmission controller or the solenoid pack is highly suspect. The ‘Check Engine’ light must be on due to a trouble code for this issue. This will cost much more than the battery!

P.S. Also a snapped timing belt can do this. That can easily be checked on the front of the engine by removing that big plastic cover. If the belt underneath is loose, the timing belt has snapped.

YESSSSS!! I am thankful for not having a note!!
There is a ‘check engine’ light on. I will have it read and go from there. I was thinking of the timing belt since there is a very disturbing sound coming from that very area which you mentioned. OH BOY!! I hope that does not cost too much and maybe I can do it myself.
Thank You, again…
C Allen