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2008 Volvo s40 issues?

My Volvo have been having a starting issues lately, Seems like my battery may have died before all this started, went to
Start the car, just clicked once. Figured dead battery or starter, but then an array of issues started, my steering column wouldn’t lock, my key wouldn’t come out of the ignition. It started having a bad winne a few weeks ago so started driving my other car, figured it was an alternator or power steering pump going as that was the general area of the noise (sounds like a super charger) any help would be appreciated, it’s also a 5 speed

Was the check engine light on or any other yellow warning lights on?

Your description is a bit vague but I’d guess the alternator has gone out. That was the whine you heard. The net effect is now the battery is dead because the alternator wasn’t charging it. causing all the other issues that arise when there isn’t anything left in the battery.

No engine lights, I parked it at my house to drive my other car because of the wine, it still drives with no issues except the sound, I left the key in the car so it can be moved to be plowed around, I think the key left In the ignition and killed the battery or just the cold and lack of use. I hooked up a jump pack and the electronic went crazy, still clicked when I tried starting it, let it sit on a charger started fine let it run… shut it off and tried to start it again about 30-40 mins later same issues

Have the battery and charging system checked. Most auto parts places in the US will do it for free. Battery is likely not holding a charge. The jump pack is a hint. I still think the whine could be the alternator going out.

I’m more worried about the electronics in it, i couldnt get my key out at one point, I planned on having it looked at by a professional but today was just a random series of issues. I was reading up on some of this stuff, and Volvo’s are a electrical nightmare

Well, YES, and all that stuff needs the battery to be up to spec in order for any of it to work.

Also appreciate your time in answering my questions. Seems like the car hates when all power is lost. My mph gauge even jumped at one point when i tried turning the key and over again.

As posted above until the condition of the alternator and battery is known, it’s pointless to speculate further. A diyer with an inexpensive DVM can do a test themselves. Before the first start of the day the battery posts should measure about 12.6 volts. Immediately after starting the engine it should measure 13.5 - 15.5 volts. Does it?