Rust on an engine block

I recently purchased a 2004 Jeep wrangler Sahara. In retrospect, I probably should have inspected it more closely. The underside, including the sides of the engine block (below the heads, etc.) have a lot of rust. With little effort I can flake off pieces as thick as a quarter for example. Can anyone tell me how concerned I should be and what I need to do???

I’d be much more concerned about the frame and brake/fuel lines rusting through. I’ve not heard of rust damaging a block. The freeze out plugs sometimes corrode, but that’s usually from the inside.

Thanks, texases

It’ll take several decades for the rust to be any concern. This is not sheet metal. It’s inches thick of cast Iron. I’ve seen engine blocks sit outside in a junk yard in the North East…and then someone comes along and buys it and plops it in their vehicle.


Rust and no oil? I’d be thankful! At that age there isn’t a whole lot that could’ve rusted through with normal use. If there’s no sign of offroad abuse (dinged skid plate, dented fuel tank, etc.) you shouldn’t be concerned.