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Rust in Engine room

I am considering purchasing a used car, 2008 Chrysler Town & Country(58K miles).
But I saw some rusted part in the engine room. After I read this question/answers(link), it seems like the exhaust manifold, and normal situation. But I’m not sure whether it is an exhaust manifold, so may I ask your opinion if this rust is acceptable?
I attached two pictures below.

Thanks in advance, and please excuse my poor English, since I am an international student came the last year.

Yes, for a ten year old car this is perfectly normal. I would suggest that prior to committing to the purchase you have it inspected. It’s always worth it spending ~$100 to have a professional take a look. Not a 100% guarantee but it sure helps.


The rust looks normal for a car this age.
However you absolutely should have a reputable shop give it a thorough going-over before making any agreements. The real problems are often not obvious. It’ll cost you an hour’s shop time, but it’s well worth it.


I just sold a 2005 Town and Country that had more rust than that and it was in great shape and had a lot of miles left on it. Do not worry too much about that rust, it is normal. I would strongly recommend that you pay a mechanic to check the car out before you buy it. It will cost you around $100, but will be the best money you can spend. They will spot a problem you may miss. If you do not know a mechanic, check out the link at the top ‘Mechanics Files’ to find one.


Thanks for all of your kind answers. I will make it inspected by a mechanic before making a deal.
Have a great day!

You might want to call it the engine compartment.


The rust to look for is on the strut towers on the left and right sides of the engine compartment. It has to be kind of ugly to make a difference. The rust you found is nothing and normal.


It’s normal.

Chrysler vans were known for rust issues on chassis. Yes top of strut towers too. What state are you in? Does van have trailer hitch?

For a second, I thought this was Ship Talk…

Completely normal amount of rust as others have said.

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What’s you talk’n about? I have engine rooms in my cars, just ahead of the bridge and behind the bow sprit! :wink:

Some manufactures use both terms;

When I first read “engine room” I thought we had a sailor. Cool! It would have been confirmed if they made a mistake followed by “belay that”.