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2001 rav4 rust

Rust on crossbeams under engine.First noticed

by gent who does my brakes.States that the engine could eventually drop to he pavement.

I have always had my oil changed by the dealership where auto was brought.They have

never failed to mention brakes,belts,air filters,and the noon day sun.

When,I brought the rav in to show the problem…they fumbled around…and said

there are no recalls…when I persisted…

they said they would take pictures and

send them to Toyota…yes the charge $80

and yes I feel like a mule…

three months later no answer…dealership

states out of their hands…have to wait

for the second coming ,I mean Toyota

Anyone else???

“The engine could eventually drop to the pavement.”

Yeah, right.

Have you ever heard of this happening? Can you think of even one time? No, of course you can’t, and your car’s engine is not likely to drop onto the pavement, either.

The key word is “eventually.” How long are you willing to wait?

This could take years. Or decades.

You didn’t tell us where you live, or under what conditions you drive, and we can’t see the car, so we really can’t evaluate the “rust on crossbeams.”

Just exactly how many crossbeams are there on your RAV4, anyway? My guess is “one” if that many.

C,mon, your car is nine years old. Don’t you expect some rust?

My '96 Subaru, which I drive on the PA turnpike during the winter months, when they apply who knows what chemicals, and maybe raw salt, is rusting every place it possibly can, but it’s not in any danger of dropping its engine onto the pavement.

I suspect your RAV4 is in much better shape than my car, and is not in immediate danger of dropping its engine onto the pavement, regardless of what your “gent who does my brakes” stated.

As Neil Young told us, “Rust never sleeps.”

There are more important things to worry about.

On my job, I have had to visit a lot of industrial locations. Back in the 70’s I was greeted by their staff at the front office where we would drive around in an old, almost ready for the bone yard pick-up. That Pickup was no more than two years. Cars lasted less than a year. Being a steel mill disposing of them was easy.

If you live close and down wind from a steel mill then maybe it will rust through shortly, but for the rest of us, it should not be a problem. I hope the gent who does your brakes knows more about brakes than frames; You should be fine, rust is normal.

I seriously doubt your engine is in danger of dropping to the ground, or anything else is ready to rust apart and cause a safety problem. Your car is nine years old, and cars are built with much better rustproofing than in the past. I have a 1990 Buick Skylark with a pretty substantial rust issue. I can see the interior of the car through the rear wheel wells. My engine is not ready to fall out on to the ground, but I will probably retire the car in the next year or two due to the rust, before it becomes a safety issue. I doubt your Rav4 is in the same boat my car is in at half it’s age. Your Rav4 was much better built than my Buick.