Rust killing

I have a decent amount of rust on the sheet of metal that houses the windsheild wipers and that forms the firewall. I am affraid of going to deep on the rust and ruining whatever is left, but i need to do something about it…any suggestions?

I’ve used POR-15 on the battery tray area of my vehicles to keep rust in check. It ain’t pretty, but seems to do the job.

Ed B.

I agree, POR15 is a good product for this

I use a product sold at Wal-Mart called rust converter. It converts rust to a primer coat. After you paint a thin coat on the rusty parts, you let it dry and apply a coat or two of paint or enamel. It has worked pretty well for me.

Yeah in that application where you need to retain the sheet metal, POR15 will form a hard ceramic skin over it. You can also reinforce it by saturating fiberglass cloth with the POR 15. It’ll still rust underneath it at some point. Rust converter is crapola and not worth it. If you’ve got solid sheet metal and just pitted spots, you can sand blast to clean it and use a two part zinc epoxy primer first and then hit it with the POR 15 and that will stop it for a long time.