RUST DISSOLVERS~~do they work?



i have a late model aerostar. it has rust along the bottom of the panels. the van is not worth dumping a lot of money into body and fender repair.Do these rust dissolvers do an adequate job? can i use it and then bondo/fiberglass/paint over it? thanks all


They’re NOT dissolvers…they actually convert the rust. They DO work…but only on surface rust. If the rust is really bad and has penetrated the metal then it will NOT work.


If you mechanistically remove all loose rest. Treat it and prime and paint it, that should be OK, but it will not be like new or really smooth.

I might do it on a Junker, but for my nice car I would do it the old fashion way.


they title them as ‘dissolvers’ but i know that isnt the case. thank you for the reply


i will only have this good running car for a couple of years i believe so im sure that the bondo/fiberglass should stay in place for as long as I HAVE IT,thanks for yuor reply


The rust dissolvers like Naval Jelly are basically phosphoric acid. Done correctly, they leave a “conversion” coating. This is done for a lot of metals that are left out in the elements for many years. We do this for the steel tanks of our transformers before painting them. The coating serves as a primer also.

BTW, one of the main ingredients in Coca Cola is Phosphoric acid.


I’ve never had much luck with them but Pour 15 is a pretty good temporary coating. It creates a hard ceramic like surface and you can imbed fiberglass cloth in it for more strength. Then fill and paint.



thank you for the imput!!


pour 15? ok ill look for it as well thank you


It’s actually POR 15.