Rust in the gas line/tank


On old cars there was a settlement bowl. I just put a magnet in the bowl and clean the magnet every few days. The magnet collects the rust as it is iron. The gas just continues on through to the engine. In time the amount of rust gets less and less and you only have to clean the magnet once a week or once a month. Paper filters get pluged and stop the car. This does not cause the car to stop unless the rust is very bad. Also, some of the settlement bowls are glass and you can see when they need cleaned.


That’s when you could see if there was water in the gas and could actually get rid of it and didn’t have to remove the tank!

Ah, the good old days when cars were easy to work on eh? Gas was how much in those days?


ah to have a simple carb and points.

boy was i #$%^&ed off when i got my learners permit gas was around 38 cents a gallon, then the six months went by and the 73 oil emmbargo happened and it went to…around 45 cents a gallon. boy was i certain that this was a conspiracy against ME! if i only knew then what i know now!!