Old Gas put into a 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Old gas was put into my Sebring and the car will not start. It feels like it wants to turn over but will not. What the best solution to this problem? Thanks.

How much old gas? How old? Why was old gas added? (Had it run out of gas?) what exactly happens when you try to start it?

Drain the old gas and put in new gas.

There was 1/4 gas in the car. There was gas cans in the garage for the lawn mower of the new place I moved into. I put 2 1/2 gallons of the gas in. trying to save $. It startedm, I drove about 1/2 mile and the car then started to make a loud metal clanking sound and then stalled. I had it towed back to my garage where drained the gas tank and added 2 gallons of new gas. When I turn the ignition the car sounds like it’sust about to turn over but won’t. Fuel injected.

If the old gas were the problem, the engine would stall or refuse to start, but the loud metal clanking makes me think something else is wrong. Old gas doesn’t make any noise.

the car then started to make a loud metal clanking sound and then stalled.

I doubt if that had anything to do with the gas. Bad gas could prevent it from starting, cause it to chuck along or cause it to loose power and die, but “loud metal clanking sound” is not likely related to the gas. Someone is going to have to carefully check out the car. Don’t try to drive it as additional damage could be done.

Good Luck

Thats what I was afraid of. I’ll have to take it in. Thanks for your time.

Are you saying that there were fuel cans in the place left over from before you moved in? What color are the cans?

The fuel lines, and fuel filter are still full of bad gas (about a 1/2 miles worth). I suspect it will not start until the fuel filter, and fuel lines are purged of the old gas.

I suspect that you should replace the fuel filter, and doing so may requier removing the gas tank : (

Are you saying it cranks as usual (This is what we call “turning over”), but it doesn’t start?

Take a whiff of the fumes left in that gas can. If it smells like gasoline, it is probably just fine. If it smells like paint thinner, the gas is bad for sure.

Regardless, I doubt the old gas had anything to do with it. You may have had the timing belt snap.