Substance in Gas Tank & Fuel Lines?

My car stalled while driving and had to get it towed to the shop for repairs… This is what the mechanic found in the tank and fuel lines. Any ideas?

Could it be gasoline and diesel fuel?

Water in your gasoline. Either you have someone mad at you that added water to your gas tank or the station you buy gasoline from has a problem with water getting in the fuel tank.

Kind of hard to tell how big the container is, but that seems like an awful lot of water in there. Remember gas floats on top of water, so the water would be the large brown layer.

No, gas and diesel mix completely. They just don’t work in the engine.

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This must be a wide-spread problem, because the OP is the second person to post a question about this problem in the past 40 minutes!


Maybe they buy at the same station - or have a common enemy!

Airplanes have drains on the bottom of their fuel tanks. Before flying a pilot lets a little out to see how much water it has. Condensation can do this in cars, but you seem to have a lot. One can buy dryers (e.g. Heet, Iso-heet) that will take care of some water.

How long was it from the last time you bought gas to when it stalled?

About a week… but my car was also keyed

Could somebody put water in your gas tank easily?

Yes, I don’t have a locking cap

you have likely solved this then.

Whom did you tick off?

I remember after WWII and European cars started coming over here, a lot of them had petcocks on the bottom of the fuel tank. My granddaughter had a 1990 Hyundai Sonata V6 and the fuel line rusted through reight where it came through the removable plate that lets you take the pump out. Hyundai mounted the plate high on the back wall of the tank so you didn’t have drop the tank to pull the pump and the fixture the pump mounted on was only $35 at thr dealer.

Had to do the same repair in the same year on my son in law’s 1990 Olds and had to drop the tank and the part was $175., luckily I was able to find a metal tube repair kit from NAPA thet repaired the line, it was made for A/C line repair and the threads were the same.

It’s funny how you see huw other countries do things and say to yourself, why don’t we do that?

Lemons to lemonade: If you also have a problem with thieves siphoning your gas at night, this would be a good time to park in a place that makes such a thing easy to do.

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