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Russians Go Curling On Ice Using Cars As Stones!

Hey! I saw an amusing video clip on the morning news show on TV.

I don’t have the capability to search or watch any videos on my PC, but if somebody can put up a link, others might have fun taking a look. Thanks.


Cool! Typical Russians: no safety gear. If that was done here, everyone would have a helmet on. Of course, there is no telling what CSA and his neighbors do on that lake of his without safety equipment! :smiley:

And another thing, where are the brooms? How can they curl without brooms to smooth the surface in front of the cars? If they did, I wonder what the life expectancy of the sweepers would be…

My son who lives about an hour away form me is actually on a curling league. They do use the little scrubber type brooms. I let him know about the video.

That must be it. I can’t do video on my PC, but JT watched it. Thanks. As somebody from the frozen north, I’m here to tell you that anything fun to do involving ice and cars is welcome.

Top Gear US did an indoor version on an ice rink somewhere in Colorado (going over the continental divide in Minivans was the show) with a large cooler as the stone,

HA HA, reminded me of Xmas with MIL, we were watching football, she is having, well lets just say she is at least 1 can short of a 6 pack, she used to go to watch football games, but watching a football game on TV

“Why does everybody keep falling down?”

We left it to a youngin, 88 year old to tell her about football.

Just wouldn’t be Russian without a bottle of sparkly.

For those who haven’t seen it, the Top Gear guys are back on Amazon Prime with a new show called The Grand Tour.

It’s just as good as the old Top Gear and I daresay I even like it better. The introduction of the celebrities every week is a hoot. None of them ever make it to the stage alive; all meeting their ends in assorted gruesome ways.