These guys are the king of the DIY. Or how to get your car out of a lake with a few friends

Pretty clever guys.

I wonder how the car managed to get into the lake in the first place?

Don’t suppose anybody was hitting the sauce?


Holy cow. Who said going in circles doesn’t get you anywhere. Looks like they’ve done this before but I don’t think I’d want to be that close to the thing. Hope they got a nice warm place to push it to for a while.

I’m struggling with:

a) How did it get through the ice to begin with?

b) Why didn’t the car sink all the way to the bottom?

c) Why didn’t the ice crack when they were pulling it out?

It looks like they repositioned the heavy timbers a number of times (which they didn’t show in the video).

Nevertheless, pretty clever!

People drive on the ice here in NH all the time. It’s not uncommon for a car to fall through.

It might have sunk to the bottom. I can show you lakes that even 1 mile off shore it’s only 2’ deep.

As for why it didn’t crack…I don’t know. I sure wouldn’t feel safe pulling it out.

Well now that they have the car out what are they going to do with it?

Having worked around heavy cables under enormous tension in a former life I would have given that sucker at least as wide a berth as the length of that cable. As for the guys applying the tension, if it lets go at the other end well someone’s going to lose a limb or worse. Then again these folks are the one’s related to the folks who suffered 5,000 casualties in one hour defending the tractor factory in Stalingrad so their tolerance for risk is probably a little different.

The car probably went through the ice when it was still thin. They waited till it got thicker and then proceeded to get it out. The lake is probably very shallow.

I can’t figure the steering wheel on the right hand side; all of Russia drives cars with left hand steering wheels. Must be an import from the UK.

I sent the video to my sister who speaks Russian, and she sent back this comment:

“The final seconds show the (Russian) explanatory text: “An unplanned attraction for the foreign participants in the Baikal Ice-Yachting Cup”. :slight_smile: Someone forgot their yacht…”

Someone forgot their yacht...."

Land yacht =/= real yacht

@london,they really didnt have a choice,German bullet or Russian bullet-Kevin

Looks like these guys have a lot of experience doing it…that’s the scary thought.

The question now is “How do you get the lake out of the car?”

Put it in a big bag of rice. :wink: